As you can discover in “Hornglobetrotter presents himself” page, Nicola was born in Venezia more less than fifty years ago. Venezia is a wonderful little island into a laguna. Venetians use goldolas, boats and... feet to travel or walk around the city. There aren’t cars, bicycles, motorcycles or similar vehicles. In Venezia, often, there is a particular natural phenomenon, the flood, better known as the high water, as you can see looking to the following pictures!

Venetian people really don’t care about water flood, walking normally just using plastic boots and... do some shopping!

A food store. Venetians go to shopping also with high water inside the store, as you can see!

“Please, two or three pounds of oranges, not wet, please, that we got some water today, uh?!”

“People, come to me, you can buy all you want choosing any food standing up on a dry carpet!”, call loudly this venetian woman.

How the carpet can be dry, really...

“Excuse me, sir, is this “calle” a good shortcut for St. Mark Square?”

Christmas in Venice, with high water. Kind of uncomfortable situation, uh?!

Venetians with their happy children...

Jump or not jump? That’s a big dilemma, you know, water is cold!

High water or not, in any case, look to this picture! Venice can be magic sometimes, do you agree?!

something more about Venezia

Yes! In Venice we use “high-ways” when there is high water!

So, you haven’t plastic boots? No problem, please use wood highways, called by venetians “le passerelle”!

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