Nicola Gomirato, author of “Martino Tales!”, known as HornGlobetrotter, was born in Venezia more less fifty years ago. After a long musical career taking him around the world, knowing lot of Countries and lot of people - some of them are present in his literary creation - he decided to give the majority of his time to the developing and divulgation of Martino Tales!

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    Here you can watch some of my pictures, not really recent but similar as I am now, just using corrective glasses, you know, the age...


    Meanwhile I’m writing what must be a presentation of myself, I’m listening to a beautiful music, a Sibelius Symphony, the third. Symphonic music, for the esecution are needed almost 60 players, a big orchestra. I remember when, not long ago, I conduct various orchestras. Yes, I was a conductor, and I was happy to do that as, when I was a little boy, Conducting was my wish. Conducting, primarly young orchestra, gave me a big sactisfaction. More than conduct, Give me a very good time conduct my music, beautiful music (of course my music is beautiful!). Same music was performed with a children’s orchestra - obviously with technical adjustments, following the technical skills of the young players. The result was overwelming, emotional.

    Right, more than the experience with professional orchestras, was the experience with children and young orchestras that gave me greater emotion. I remember, and I’m smiling now, that during a concert with a children’s orchestra - the Young Boys Orchestra of Treviso, Italy -, the conductor.. me, in the middle of the emotion... threw the baton away! No problem, was possible to conduct with my hands, the orchestra was a 30 players orchestra. Oh no, the first violin, Guido, a child of around five, comes down from his chair, puts the violin on the chair and, quietly, takes the baton, flew near the cellists. Very quietly, he comes close to me and, with a little smile, gives me the baton. After, quietly, he takes his violin, he sits down and he restarts to play, as nothing happened. What tenderless, what emotion! I, when Guido gave me the baton, made a bow to thanks him, and he smiled, happy. After, of course, he put all the attention to his score, eh, he was the first violin!


Well, I have to tell you something about my person, also.

You can see me as normal size person, between five and six, more less 70 kilos that, during holidays, are going quickly up, you know, cakes and cookies, giving me some problem for my dresses, pants and similar. Also during the Beer Fest my pants start to become tight. That’s why, after holidays, quickly I try to return at my normal wheight.

    What also...  Oh yes, a day a dear friend see me and present me to his lady, telling her, think you, here is Nicola with Salt and pepper hairs! Mh,The truth is that was a long time since we had not seen each other. But no melancholy, Nicola, he adds, at least you have your hairs, an alot of hairs. My friend, not an hair, and that’s can be an advantage, don’t use any comb, he adds, stroking his bald head.

    Go on! I have 7 of foot... no, this is inappropriate. Evenings, and often nights, I write. Yes, this is appropriate to tell you! I compose music, I write children tales, stories, humoristic literature, already I published 3 books of humoristic literature. Someone from my readers sent me compliments, telling that reading my books you can have a lot of fun, taking away from the chaotic moments the society give you, or something similar. And he adds, buy those books, very well wrote, the author’s style is very humoristic... Okey, we can go on after this little marketing due to Publisher suggestion...

    So, finally I told something about myself. I can add that, right during the children orchestra activities period, right then appeared on my mind the idea of Martin’s World.

I was making music with the students of where I was teaching, they were asking information on musical instruments, especially on the French horn, I remember.

Well, one day I wrote a little story that spoke of this musical instrument. Since the short story was aimed at children, I got the idea to do it in narrative form, where a child asks to his dad so much. And Dad, of course, answers. This first story was followed by others, to get to today, a series of more than 900 tales.

    Other things ... although not a great player I am delighted with chess games, I'd like to draw also if with not interesting results, I love the mountains and the snow, even if my knees often complain and limit my going arounds at high altitudes. What else then ... Mh, yes, someone says I’m a bit distract. I agree, and unfortunalety it’s my norm, because it depends on what I'm thinking in that moment, some theme music or some new short stories! It is true that the person who is speaking to me doesn’t know that and, at times, remains puzzled by my strange answers ... I don’t even remember what we’re talking about! You know, If appears on my mind a beautiful piece of music or a new short story, if I don’t write or memorize them now or then they may go away forever...

Nicola personal website: www.nicolagomirato.com

Hornglobetrotter presents himself

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