1. 2013, Martino Tales!                                                                               national presentation show (link)

  1. 2009 HGTMusic,                                                                                       a presentation show regarding my online music school, HGTmusic, link

  1. 2008 Itaca,                                                                                                                  a show about italian emigrants around the world

  1. 2007 AsperMusic,                                                                                              a show about Asperger's Syndrome, Milan, Italy, link

  1. 2006 MilkMusic,                                                                                                         a show about breastfeeding, in parnership with La Leche League, link

  1. 2005 HornGlobetrotter,                                                                          First performance of multi-instrumentalist Hornglobetrotter

Work in progress.

Page and some links soon ready.

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